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"I'm so glad to be receiving your newsletter! It is beautiful to look at and the content is stellar! Thank you, thank you!" Kathleen G.


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Success Stories

"The Spring Cleansing was such an amazing experience. All the emotions and clarity that I received while taking away the unnecessary toxins in my life was life changing. I feel stronger now with more energy to conquer the world! Thank you so much Ivette for inspiring and always being there through the whole process."

spacer – Daniella Miranda-Allen, Real Beauty Uncovered

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"At first my family laughed at me when I said I would be doing a 2 week detox... But they were inspired when they saw and felt my results. The Total Health Coach Program not only helped me lose weight, feel more energy, and get better sleep, I also learned delicious new recipes that I've incorporated into my daily life. It's actually the first "Detox" program I was able to get through because I was actually eating. It's helped me become more confident in the kitchen and in life. I'm truly grateful to Ivette for her super user friendly, well-organized, informative and customizable program---and her beautiful support that comes with it. Ivette is certainly making the world a better place with her art and I encourage anyone to come on board for the adventure into their own relationship with food."

spacer – Laura Marcos


" Ivette Desai has been a major influence in my life. Prior to meeting her late Spring 2014, I had been investigating how I was going to transform my life. I had just turned 59 and knew that adopting a healthy lifestyle was necessary.

I attended a conference and saw her booth, and it read “The Total Health Coach—Transform your Life.” I spoke with her and felt immediately comfortable. Since then, I have taken several of her clean-eating programs and engaged her as my personal health coach. Reflecting on on my journey with Ivette, I would like to share with you three ways in which she has had a positive impact on my life. They are the results, the program, and the person.

The Results:

I am reluctant to tell you these are the end results because Ivette encourages all of her participants to embrace a healthy, long-lasting style of eating and living.

In less than a year, I have reduced my pant size 4 inches and have lost 35 pounds. More importantly, I now know how to eat clean and natural foods that provide nourishment and energy. Finally, I experienced some major health issues and recovered from them well because I had lost weight and had the energy to sustain major surgery.

The Program:

The Total Health Coach program has volumes of materials. Once you get involved, you receive valuable content that lasts a lifetime. Ivette has written e-books, tips on health living, and white papers exploring a range of health issues. Here are the highlights that I have taken from the programming.

First, I have learned to listen to my body and understand how it responds to various foods. My bio-individuality is unique and the only path to health is to understand my own rhythms.

Second, I have learned the difference between self-care and self-indulgence. Each day, I must focus on clean foods that help sustain me.

Third, my well-being depends on how I manage stress and adjust to the winding, curving roads that I travel on. I have embraced both breathing exercises and meditation. I take a moment to reflect about my wonderful life and how I must protect it through nutrition and exercise.

Finally, I have learned to substitute my sugar and salt cravings with natural foods that are both rewarding and satisfying.

The Person:

Ivette has been my accountability partner for this yearlong journey. She is in all aspects of the word—my coach. She cares a great deal about me and gently guides me to my own unique path.

Further, Ivette is a key opinion leader in the health field. She is being recognized for her accomplishments and for her outstanding publications.

Ivette is full of life and energy. Her own story is inspirational, and she shares her wisdom in a humble, graceful way that makes everyone feel honored and special.

Now I am 60. During this past year, I faced a life-threating illness and have learned how fragile life can be. I am the one who must decide the path and truly understand how to transform myself. My guide along this journey has been Ivette Desai. She has helped facilitate my learning, showed me my options, and prodded me to make the correct decisions. You could not find a better health coach, so I recommend her with great enthusiasm."

spacer - D. Vincent Varallo, President, Varallo International


"I would recommend Ivette’s Detox Program to anyone who wants to make long-term changes in their eating habits.

I really enjoyed the program, starting with the intriguing recipes—most of which I was able to share with my family, trying new (super)foods like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, raw cacoa and kale smoothie, up to a scrumptious kale salad that I made over and over again.

I was able to reach my goals: regain energy, loose some weight, improve digestion, and have better sleep quality. Curiously enough, I have not been plagued by cravings, thanks to the balanced meal plans and many healthy snacks options. As a general remark, I would say that the many options given to fit everyone’s unique needs made the cleansing program quite easy to follow, and I never felt pressured, which alleviated my initial anxieties.

The Facebook group was an interesting part of the process: a lot of people shared what worked for them, what did not, shared their own version of the suggested recipes, and posted when they had a bad day or cravings for others to comment and post sympathetic remarks. It felt really good!

Last but not least, Ivette is a wonderful coach: never judgmental, trying to understand the unique, individual situation of each and every one of us. I commend her on keeping us motivated, posting interesting articles related to detox and healthy foods vs. ones causing inflammation, up to conducting the personalized one-on-one post program call that was highly instructive.

I am looking forward to implementing more changes in my eating habits and feel way better equipped to do so now that I have done the program. It seems that I now have the toolkit to succeed! Well done Ivette!"

spacer – Laurence Jay-Rayon Ibrahim Aibo


"Ivette is changing my life. Instead of being a ship about to crash into the rocks, I am moving steadily into healthier directions and ways of life. She has provided not only the information, but hands-on practical, personalized tools, accessible guidance, and an understated - yet spirited motivation that was needed to get me out of my own way. No more lip service - thanks to Ivette, long needed changes in my life are becoming a reality. The Total Health Coach is the perfect name for such powerful resource and amazing, solutions oriented facilitator. "

spacer – Mia - Saddle Brook, New Jersey

green smooties

I have had an excellent learning experience with Ivette and feel I am changing my life for the better. I find that the smoothies are very good and very tasty. I have learned to monitor my grocery shopping and eating. Ivette is very easy to talk with and gives very positive feedback.

spacer – Joan Sellarole


"Having the unique opportunity to be able to participate in a cleanse with Ivette was quite educational for me, and she offered us so many ideas to eat and cook better. I was motivated to try the new recipes and use whole foods. In turn, I felt the beauty of being more energized on a daily basis. I found Ivette to be most knowledgeable and also realistic while keeping our eyes on our goals. I am looking at food in a whole new better way and plan to do another program with Ivette again soon!"

spacer - Erin McGarry, CPCC, Life Development Coach


"My goal in working with Ivette was to lose weight, gain energy and get back on a healthy eating track. Since completing the Summer Clean Eating Program I achieved my goals of weight lost and increased energy. I also do not crave chocolate like I used to! Ivette has been a huge support. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight, regain energy, and needs help with healthy eating planning."

spacer – Lucinda


"I had gotten to my breaking point in January when I started my detox. I was bloated, exhausted and feeling unhealthy. I had been eating poorly and not taking care of myself. At first I thought this was going to be really hard for me. I am happy to say it wasn't. The step by step instructions make it easy to follow. I enjoyed preparing the recipes and they were delicious. I felt energized. I ended up loosing 7lbs which was an added bonus. The detox put me in the right direction and I am continuing down the path of healthy living. "

green smoothies

"Recently completed a three-month healthful, enjoyable and successful change in my eating habits – was introduced to delicious new foods and provided with numerous interesting articles regarding sugar and carbs, too frequently my foods of choice. There were also healthy, delicious recipes to help me as I replaced my former bad habits with much beneficial, permanent ones.

The consummate Total Health Coach, Ivette set up a plan just for me based on completion of a form requesting my personal goals, my health history,

A terrific motivator, our phone conversations inspired and urged me to continue on my new path to healthy eating which has proved a positive step toward having more energy, losing weight and feeling better inside and out. The added benefit is that my clothes fit better and my outlook is even more positive than before.

All the benefits of our sessions were confirmed at my recent doctor’s appointment. My test results showed my bad cholesterol and triglycerides are down while good cholesterol is up and the loss of twenty pounds, all a direct result of meaningful life-style changes, exercising more, and continuing to follow the plan so caringly set up just for me by Ivette were very rewarding and despite the numerous changes made, at no time did I feel deprived or alone in my journey. Ivette was available via e-mail or phone in between sessions.

I would highly recommend to anyone who is considering working with this talented Certified Holistic Health Coach, that they avail themselves of the opportunity and enjoy the positive changes that are possible as a result of working with Ivette."

spacer– Joan W.


"I had such a positive experience with The Total Health Coach. Not only did she help me gain knowledge on food and nutrition, but she helped me face my fears. We talked about real-life situations from my struggles with career and education to relationships. She taught me different coping mechanisms on how to handle real-life situations. "

spacer – Lindsay


"The Winter Detox was a fantastic program. The recipes were fun to try and gave me new ideas on how to prepare seasonal vegetables. I felt amazing by the end of the detox — lots of energy and less stress. Its amazing what you learn about yourself and how certain foods affect your overall well-being."

spacer– Kathleen Haft


"Ivette is indeed the total health coach. I feel motivated and inspired by her talks. My grocery list looks very different now! "

spacer - Pam O'Connell, Personal Trainer

green smoothies

"I started this journey in October of 2012. I was an overweight junk food junkie. I would eat if I was depressed or whenever something would bother me. I have found a new path, a new way of looking at life for me and my family. I am very proud of myself today. I have lost 40 pounds and have never felt better as a person. Eating better, feeling better, seeing clearer, feeling stronger. I am so happy to have The Total Health Coach in my life. I would not change back to the way I was before. Ivette, I truly thank you for being a wonderful COACH! You are the most caring, understanding, helpful coach. That keeps me on the right track. I am truly grateful. Thank you for being so wonderful."

spacer – L.H.


"After being on a “diet” for what felt like my entire life, I never thought I would be able to change my lifestyle. Working with Ivette, not only changed my eating habits, but I discovered how happy and stress free I could actually be. "

spacer– N.M.


"I find Ivette's workshops to be inspiring. She is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about food, nutrition and health. "

spacer – R.G.


"If anyone can get me to drink green smoothies, it's Ivette! She has taught me and my family a stress free, healthy and fun way of living and eating!"

spacer– G.L.