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Meet Ivette

My name is Ivette, I am the total health coach. I am a Certified Health Coach and Culinary Chef. I struggled with weight, emotional eating and cravings since I was a teenager. For years I battled with my self image and energy levels. Then I got sick developed a thyroid condition and osteoarthritis and realized that my years of chronic dieting had caught up to me. But I healed myself and regained my energy and sense of vitality. By gaining an understanding of the power of food and nutrition, changing my diet and my approach to living, I ditched the diets for good. It is my personal mission to help others to get healthy in a stress free way before it is too late and they get sick.

Now I am helping others lose weight, gain control of emotional eating, cravings and manage stress effortlessly so they can begin to live the energetic and authentic life they deserve. (Learn more ...)